Refund Communication

Check the refund-related emails sent to your customers after the refunds are initiated.

If a customer is asking for a refund, the banking partner provides a unique reference number (either RRN, ARN or UTR) when a refund is processed. The customer can use this reference number to track the refund status with the bank.

As a customer, you will be notified of the specific payment to be refunded in 7-10 working days.

Customer Looking for Refund

If you are a customer looking for a refund, know more about


Razorpay sends you the following email communications for refunds:

  • Refund Mailer
    After you process the refund, Razorpay sends you an email with the refund id and unique reference number (ARN, RRN or UTR) provided by the bank.
Refund Mailer
  • RRN/ARN Update Mailer
    When you refund a credit card payment, the banking partner will share an ARN with Razorpay. Razorpay sends you an email with this ARN number.
RRN/ARN Update Mailer

Handy Tips

Razorpay sends the Refund and RRN/ARN Update emailers only if the customer email is passed to us.

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