Handle Refund Errors

List of errors that occur while processing Refunds and how to handle them.

Sometimes when you try to process a refund request, it fails to get processed and you may encounter BAD_REQUEST_ERROR messages stating refunds are not supported. This happens because most of the banks do not support refunds for payments that are more than 6 months old.

Copy{ "error": { "code": "BAD_REQUEST_ERROR", "description": "Payment is more than 6 months old, only instant refund is supported", "source": null, "step": null, "reason": null, "metadata": {} } }

You can try to process such refunds using Instant Refund. To check the refund status, navigate to the Refund Details pop-up by clicking on the specific Refund Id under the TransactionsRefunds tab.

You can get the ARN/RRN for successfully processed refunds on the Razorpay Dashboard or using the Fetch Refund API. This is a unique reference number which can be used by the customers to track refunds.

Instant Refund Fee
We charge a small fee process instant refunds.

If Instant Refund for a payment that is more than 6 months old is not supported, an error message is displayed on the Refund Payment pop-up.

You will encounter the following error code and error message in the API response:

Copy{ "error": { "code": "BAD_REQUEST_ERROR", "description": "Refund is not supported by the bank because the payment is more than 6 months old", "source": null, "step": null, "reason": null, "metadata": {} } }

Instant Refund Fee Reversal
If the instant refund fails, any fee charged will be reversed to your account.