MOTO Batch Card Payments

Create MOTO batch card payments from the Razorpay Dashboard.

With Razorpay, you can use MOTO (Mail-Order-Telephone-Order) transactions to charge a customer's credit card without using the CVV or 2-factor-authentication.

Feature Request
This is an on-demand feature. Please raise a request with our Support team to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.

PCI-DSS Compliance
You must be PCI-compliant to accept and process customer's card details using the MOTO option. The compliance certificate should be updated as per the yearly renewal cycle.

Steps to create batch card payments:

  1. Download the sample batch file.
  2. Fill in the card and payment details.
  3. Upload the filled batch file.
  4. Preview and confirm the uploaded file.
  5. View and download the Batch Payment Report.

Step 2: Fill in the Card and Payment Details🔗

In the downloaded file, fill the necessary details while ensuring that the header row is not modified.

A sample data row is shown below:

Batch File Details🔗

Different fields that need your inputs are listed below:

Header mandatory
string Description of the batch file.
email mandatory
string Customer's email address. For example,
contact mandatory
integer Customer's contact number. For example, +919988998899.
card_number mandatory
integer Customer's card number. For example, 4111111111111111.
expiry_year mandatory
integer Expiry year for the card in YYYY format. For example, 2022.
expiry_month mandatory
integer Expiry month for the card in MM format. For example, 08.
cardholder_name mandatory
string Card holder's name. For example, Gaurav Kumar.
amount mandatory
integer Amount that is to be charged to the customer. The amount should be in the currency subunit. For example, for an amount of ₹234.56, enter the value 23456.
currency mandatory
string The currency in which the payment is to be charged. For example, INR.
You can select any one of the supported currencies.
receipt optional
integer Unique reference entered by you the payment. For example, #566.
description optional
string Description for the payment. For example, Towards purchase of encyclopedia.
notes optional
json object Set of key-value pairs that can be associated with the payment. This can be useful for storing additional information about the payment. A maximum of 15 key-value pairs, each of 256 characters (maximum), are supported.

Step 3: Upload the Filled Batch File🔗

To upload a batch payment file:

  1. On the Razorpay Dashboard, navigate to TransactionsBatch Payments.

  2. Upload the filled-in template by clicking the Click here to upload button. Currently, CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats are supported.

Step 4: Preview and Confirm the Uploaded File🔗

If the batch file is successfully uploaded with appropriate headers and attributes, you will be able to preview the first three rows of the uploaded document. After verifying the accuracy of the data, click Process Payments to confirm the upload.

Step 5: Download the Batch Payment Report🔗

After the file is processed, you can download a batch file report. The report includes the final state of each payment request. Click Download for the relevant Batch Id.

Batch Status🔗

The uploaded file can be in the following states:

  • Created: This is the initial state of the file when it is uploaded. It indicates that the upload is successful, and it will be picked up for processing.

  • Processed: This is the final state of the file. Payments in a file in this state can either be successfully authorized or have errors during authorization. There is a chance that a few of the payments did not get authorized due to issues such as invalid card or invalid expiry date. Download the file to check the status of the payments.

The output file is the same as the uploaded file with additional columns added, which are as follows:

razorpay_order_id linked to the payment.
payment id used to process the payment.
Indicates the status of the payment. Possible values:
  • success
  • failed
If the payment failed due to an error, this column will have an error code.
If the payment failed due to an error, this column will have the reason for the failure.

Frequently Asked Questions🔗

1. What card types or issuers can be used with MOTO?🔗

You can use the MOTO feature for all Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

2. What is the payment flow for MOTO?🔗

All payments are authorized without card cvv data and 2-factor authentication.

3. How many rows can I upload in a single batch file?🔗

You can upload a maximum of 500 rows in a single batch file.

4. Once the batch file is uploaded, how long will it take for all the payments to be processed?🔗

Typically, all the payments are processed within 60 minutes after the batch file is uploaded successfully.

5. Can duplicate transactions be included in the same file?🔗

Yes. Each row in the batch file is treated as a unique entry and is processed without any additional validation checks.