Keyboard Shortcuts and Quick Menu

Keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation across the RazorpayX Dashboard.

RazorpayX offers Keyboard Shortcuts for tasks that are frequently performed by pro users. Basic actions such as viewing payouts or launching the payout modal can be performed directly from any screen without having to navigate multiple times.

Following is the list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly perform a few actions on the RazorpayX Dashboard:

Handy Tips
⌘ is applicable for MacBook users. Windows users can use the Ctrl key instead of ⌘.

Keyboard Shortcut


⌘ + K (Mac Users)
Ctrl + K (Windows Users)

Trigger Quick Menu


Open Create Contact modal


Open Create Payout modal


Open Create Payout Link modal

⌘ + / (Mac Users)
Ctrl + K (Windows Users)

Keyboard shortcuts list view

Shift + H

View Home

Shift + P

View Payouts

Shift + A

View Account Statement

Shift + C

View Contacts

Shift + V

View Vendor Payments

Shift + T

View Tax Payments

Shift + L

View Payout Links

Quick Menu🔗

The Quick Menu helps in making navigation easy for a user. You can use it to quickly launch RazorpayX apps by searching with relevant keyword (or synonyms).

Quick Menu can be triggered in two ways, either by clicking on the Quick Menu icon as shown here:

Or by using ⌘ + K on your keyboard.

Quick Menu appears as shown below. You can type in the keyword to use the features.