About RazorpayX Dashboard

Switch Merchants, generate Reports, update Account Settings with the RazorpayX Dashboard.

RazorpayX Dashboard is an easy to use and interactive page. It offers

and announcements for easy discoverabilty of new and existing features.

Global Search, announcements and Profile:

RazorpayX Dashboard

This is where you find your Merchant ID (MiD) or Business ID and other necessary tabs:

RazorpayX Dashboard Profile

User Profile
  • To find and edit details like your username, password, phone number.
  • To disable or enable 2 FA.
Business Profile
  • To find business details like KYC status, business name and ID, website, tax details etc.
  • To set expiry for Payout Links.
Public ProfileTo customise Payout Links display screen with a colour or logo of your choice and support details.
BankingTo find all your affiliated bank account details.
  • To enable 2FA for the team.
  • To add and assign roles to the team members.
Developer ControlsTo and edit webhooks.
InboxTo raise queries in case of trouble and follow up on the existing ones.
IntegrationsTo for easier reconciliation.

To switch you merchant profile:

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Click Switch Merchant.
  3. Select the Merchant you want to switch to and wait for the page to refresh.

You can directly access your Razorpay Dashboard via Profile. Click Go to Razorpay Dashboard and you will be redirected on a new tab.

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