Global Search

Use global search for easier navigation across the RazorpayX Dashboard.

Global search on the RazorpayX Dashboard makes finding the most used actions effortless. You find all the information related to your search query in one place.

When you search using the search bar in RazorpayX Dashboard, global search shows you every value that matches your search query. Every value, from everywhere in your RazorpayX Dashboard.

Searching for the value 'kiran' shows every entity matching 'kiran' from all over the Dashboard. 'kiran' from Payouts, from Vendor Payments, a Contact, or any other entity,as shown below.

Gif of RazorpayX Dashboard. User navigates to the search bar, and a drop-down with **Recents** and **Suggestions** is displayed. User searches for 'kiran' and chooses 'kiran' from Payouts, and is then taken to the Payouts page.

Similarily, every action search will return actions available across all RazorpayX products.

With this feature, you can:

Use CaseExamples
Access data
  • transactions
  • contacts
  • invoices
Navigate dashboard
  • Settings
  • Documentation
  • Cards controls
  • FAQs
Initiate actions
  • Payout creation
  • Contact creation
Filter results
  • name
  • phone
  • invoice no.
  • UTR
  • status

Find the global search bar on the top right corner or use "/" on your keyboard. You can make effective use of custom search suggestions curated for you based on your usage.

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