Generate API Keys

Know how to generate API keys.

After you sign up for a RazorpayX account, you can generate the API keys in both Test mode and the Live mode.

Test Mode🔗

The actions taken in the Test mode have no consequences in your live environment. No real money is used in the test mode. Know more about Test Mode.

New Merchants🔗

All RazorpayX APIs are authenticated using Basic Auth, which is a combination of [YOUR_KEY_ID] and [YOUR_KEY_SECRET].

Watch Out!
API Keys generated in the Live mode will not work in the Test mode and vice versa.

The steps to generate API keys in the Test mode is the same as the live environment. Watch this video to see how to generate API Keys in the Test mode.

Postman Collection🔗

We have a Postman collection to make the integration quicker and easier. Click the Download Postman Collection button below to get started.

Watch Out!
The above collection only contains APIs that work in test mode. This is not a list of all APIs available in RazorpayX. Know more about the list of all APIs available in RazorpayX.

Existing Merchants🔗

If you are an existing Razorpay user, use your existing API key to fire RazorpayX APIs. Do not regenerate your API Keys.

Live Mode🔗

You must activate your account to make live payouts. To activate your account, provide the following KYC information from your Dashboard:

  • Contact Info
  • Business Details
  • Your Bank Account Information
  • Business Documents such as ID proof, Business Registration proof and Company PAN.