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Settlements - Dashboard Actions

You can view the settlement details, check the settlement break-up, enable settlements on hold and view reports from the Razorpay Dashboard.

View Settlements Using Dashboard🔗

You can view details of settlements made to you from the Razorpay Dashboard.

You can view a detailed break-down of the amount settled to you from the Dashboard. You can view details, such as the total settlement amount (credit + debit amount), applicable service fees, service tax, adjustments, and so on.

Watch this video to see how to view settlements from the Razorpay Dashboard.

To view settlement details:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settlements.
  3. Click on a Settlement ID that you wish to refer to.

Settlements Break-Up Description🔗

The following screenshot displays the settlement breakup:

In this example

CopyThe amount settled to your account = Payment - Adjustment - Tax - Fee - Transfer + Reversal The amount settled to your account = 18012.00 - 6.00- 65.56 - 364.24 - 40.00 + 11 The amount settled to your account = 17547.20

A settlement has the following components:

The total payment amount that is being settled before deductions.
Adjustments to transactions, if any.
Tax deducted on the payment.
Fees deducted by Razorpay for the transactions.
Transfers made if any. Transfers are payouts made to your linked accounts. Handy Tips
Linked accounts are accounts created for third-party sellers by you after onboarding them onto the Razorpay platform.
Reversals made if any. Reversals are refunds you have issued to your customer.

View Settlements Using API🔗

You can view settlement details using the Settlements API.


Detailed insights can be gained using reports and real-time data on the Razorpay Dashboard. These reports can then be used for accounting and reconciliation purposes. Know more about reports.