QR Code APIs

List of available QR Code APIs to perform various actions.

You can use the QR Code APIs to perform various actions. You can perform all of these actions from the Razorpay Dashboard as well.

Integration Checklist🔗

Watch Out!
Once the QR code has been created, you cannot edit its details.

  1. If you are creating a Dynamic QR code, we suggest you create a single customer_id rather than making multiple ids for the same customer. In any case, if their details change, you can use the Edit Customer Details API.

  2. To keep a check on the duplication of customer details:

    1. Please use the fail_existing : 1 parameter. The API will throw an error when already existing customer details are added.
    2. If you use the fail_existing : 0 parameter, the API will return the customer_id if the customer exists already.
  3. Use downtime API to check for any constant downtimes that might affect the UPI generation/transactions.

  4. Please note that the Razorpay order id will be generated automatically when a customer makes the payment using the QR code provided by you.

  5. While creating a QR code via APIs or using the Razorpay Dashboard, make sure that you pass all the critical parameters for non-GST and GST QR codes.

  6. Pass the type as upi_qr while creating the QR Code. As we also have a BharatQR feature available with us, not passing the type can lead to errors.

  7. For the usage information;

    Dynamic QR

    Static QR

    Single use. Can be used only once.

    Can be used multiple times.

    If it is generated for specific customers, then you can pass customer_id.

    Not required to pass customer_id.

  8. If the fixed_amount parameter is passed, do not forget to pass the amount parameter at the time of QR code creation.

  9. To fetch the details about the QR codes, you can use webhooks or use fetch a QR Code API to get details about payment activity or the status of your QR codes.

  10. We suggest running a fetch API request to fetch relative information about QR codes for better reliability.

List of QR Code APIs🔗

The table below lists the various QR Code APIs and gives a brief description of each API:



Create a QR Code

API to create a new QR Code

Close a QR Code

API to close a QR Code

Fetch a QR Code

API to view details of a QR Code

Fetch a QR Code for Customer ID

API to view details of a QR Code for a Customer ID

Fetch a QR Code for Payment ID

API to view details of a QR Code for a Payment ID

Fetch payments made to a QR Code

API to view details of payments made to a QR Code

Fetch multiple QR Codes

API to view a list of all QR Codes

Refund Payment

API to refund a payment