Create, edit, and fetch Customer details using Razorpay APIs.

Add or create

with basic details such as name, email and contact details. You can then offer various Razorpay solutions to your customers. Edit customer details as needed.

You can try out our APIs on the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace. Fork the workspace and test the APIs with your


The Customer entity has the following fields:


string Unique identifier of the customer. For example, cust_1Aa00000000004.


string Customer's name. Alphanumeric, with period (.), apostrophe ('), forward slash (/), at (@) and parentheses allowed. The name must be between 3-50 characters in length. For example, Gaurav Kumar.


string The customer's phone number. A maximum length of 15 characters including country code. For example, +919876543210.


string The customer's email address. A maximum length of 64 characters. For example,


string GST number linked to the customer. For example, 29XAbbA4369J1PA.


json object This is a key-value pair that can be used to store additional information about the entity. It can hold a maximum of 15 key-value pairs, 256 characters (maximum) each. For example, "note_key": "Beam me up Scottyā€¯.


integer UNIX timestamp, when the customer was created. For example, 1234567890.

"id": "cust_JbRkXMROZUMCVq",
"entity": "customer",
"name": "Gauri Kumari",
"email": "",
"contact": "9000090000",
"gstin": null,
"notes": [],
"created_at": 1653915355

You can create and manage customers using APIs or from the


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