QR Codes Use Cases

Explore the diverse use cases of Razorpay QR Codes, a robust payment collection solution for businesses.

Unveil the effectiveness of Razorpay QR Codes in facilitating UPI payments, which provide a secure, efficient, and versatile payment option for customers and businesses alike.

Razorpay QR Codes are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business payment methods, providing instant, secure, and versatile UPI payment solutions that cater to a multitude of commercial activities.

Retail Stores

Acme Grocery Store uses Razorpay QR Codes at the checkout for customers to make quick and secure payments for their purchases.

Benefits for Acme Grocery Store:

Secure Payments

Ensure customers' banking details remain protected with UPI-level security during transactions.

Dynamic or Static QRs

Use static QRs for a single checkout counter or dynamic QRs for each customer to facilitate individual transaction tracking.

Easy Reconciliation

Keep track of every transaction efficiently, aiding in accurate financial management.

Service Providers

Acme Repairs shares Razorpay QR Codes with customers to receive payments for repair services rendered.

Benefits for Acme Repairs:

Secured Transaction Process

Transactions are as safe as any UPI payment, with customer bank details kept confidential.

Flexible QR Options

Utilize dynamic QRs for varied billing amounts or static QRs for standard service fees.

Effortless Reconciliation

Easily track and reconcile payments made for services, eliminating any discrepancy.

Freelancers and Consultants

Acme Design Services uses Razorpay QR Codes to receive payments for consulting sessions or project deliveries.

Benefits for Acme Design:

High-Security Payment Method

Transactions are conducted with full UPI security, ensuring peace of mind for both the freelancer and the client.

Adaptable QR Codes

Choose between dynamic QRs for varying project fees or static QRs for hourly consultations.

All UPI PSPs Accepted

Clients can pay using any UPI app they have installed, facilitating an easier payment process.

Simplified Payment Tracking

Maintain clear records of payments received, aiding in personal financial management.

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