Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Razorpay QR Codes.

1. Can I use QR codes to accept international payments using Razorpay QR codes?

No, you cannot use QR codes to accept international payments.

2. I want to set a date by which the customer must make the payment. How do I do that?

You can set a Close By Date for the QR code. The customer should make a payment using the QR code within this Close By Date. The customer cannot make payments for a closed QR code. Know more about


3. A customer wants to make payments in parts. How do I create such QR codes?

If a customer wants to pay in parts, during QR code creation, you must ensure that:

  1. The full payment amount is entered in the Total Amount Expected field.
  2. The Allow Multiple Payments on QR option is enabled.

4. What are the payment methods available to customers?

Customers can make payments using UPI PSP apps such as PhonePe, GooglePay only. If the QR Code type is bharat_qr, customers can also make payments using cards.

5. Where do I track the QR Code and their states?

You get instant notifications about the QR code. You can also subscribe to webhook events and generate reports. Know more about


6. My customer has made payments using Airtel Payments Bank. However, these payments are not getting settled to my account and are instead getting auto-refunded. Why?

We do not support payments made using Airtel Payments Bank. Such payments will be auto-refunded to the customers. Please ask your customer to use another bank.

7. How can I get access to BharatQR?

You can raise a support ticket from your

to activate BharatQR. Once activated, you will see BharatQR as an option while generating a QR code.

8. I created a QR Code in Test mode. Why am I not able to scan it?

You can scan QR codes that are created only in Live Mode.

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