UPI Intent Flow for Mobile Web

Let your customers make UPI Intent payments on your mobile websites.

Using Razorpay you can let your customers make UPI Intent payments on your mobile website. For example, when the customer selects a UPI PSP, the PSP app opens automatically. Customers can then proceed with the payment without navigating away from your mobile website. This leads to a faster checkout experience with higher success rates.

Feature Enablement
The UPI Intent feature is usually available by default. If you are unable to access this feature, raise a request with our Support team to get this enabled on your Razorpay account.

Watch the video below to see the payment flow via UPI Intent on Mobile Web.


  • The UPI intent on mobile web is available at Razorpay Standard Checkout and other products such as Payment Links, Payment Pages and Invoices.
  • It works for UPI PSP apps.
  • It works only on Android smartphones.

Standard Checkout🔗

UPI Intent for mobile websites works automatically if the intent flow is enabled on your account. No further integration is required.

Watch Out!
We do not support UPI intent for iOS Mobile Web currently.