FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about Razorpay Payment Links.

For Businesses🔗

1. I do not have a website or app. Can I still use Payment Links to accept payments from customers?🔗

Yes, you can. You do not need a website or mobile app to use Payment Links.

You can create and send Payment Links in 3 easy steps:
a. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard and create a Payment Link.
b. Send it to the customer via SMS and/or email.
c. The customer opens the link and completes the payment.

2. Can I accept international payments using Payment Links?🔗

Yes, you can accept international payments using Payment Links. Know more about international payments.

No, you can only accept payments from a single customer using a Payment Link. Use Razorpay Payment Pages if you want to use one link to accept payments from multiple customers.

No. You can create Payment Links with fixed amounts only. Customers cannot enter an amount of their choice. Use Razorpay Payment Pages if you want to allow customers to enter an amount of their choice.

5. Can I accept recurring payments using Payment Links?🔗

No. Payment Links can only be used to accept one-time payments. Use Razorpay Subscriptions to accept recurring payments.

6. Can I show support details such as helpline, support webpage and email address on the Payment Link?🔗

Yes, you can show support details on the Payment Link.

Follow these steps:

a. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard.
b. Navigate to My AccountProfile.
c. In the Support Details section, enter these details:

  • Phone Number
  • Email id
  • Website/Contact us link d. Click Submit.

This will help the customers to contact your support team in case of any issues.

As per Razorpay's risk policy, the Report Payment Link option will be displayed by default for all Payment Links.

8. I had entered my customer's email address and phone number while creating the Payment Link. However, this information is not getting auto-populated on the Payment Link hosted page. Why?🔗

As per Razorpay's updated security policy, even if the customer's email address and phone number are provided while creating the Payment Link, these details are not auto-populated on the Checkout section of the Payment Link hosted page. The customer will have to enter these details manually while making the payment.

As per Razorpay's risk policy, the Report Payment Link option will be displayed by default on all Payment Link request emails.

10. Why am I unable to set a minimum upfront payment amount when I enable Partial Payments for a Payment Link on the Dashboard?🔗

Currently, you can set a minimum upfront amount only through APIs. Refer to this API endpoint for more information. However, if you want this feature to be enabled to your Dashboard, raise a ticket to the Razorpay support team.

UPI Payment Links will work only in Live Mode.

You cannot cancel a payment link if it is in paid or partially_paid state. You can only cancel a payment link if it is in issued state.

For Bank Transfer Payments🔗

1. What is a virtual account?🔗

Normally, businesses accept online payments from their customers via NEFT. However, the payment reconciliation process requires a lot of time and manual effort. Razorpay virtual accounts allow you to accept payments through online methods such as NEFT, RTGS and IMPS via transactions made to a virtual receiver, that is, a virtual bank account. Since each Payment Link is associated with a virtual account, payment reconciliation is easy.

2. How will the payments made by customers be settled to my bank account?🔗

The net amount (payment minus fees and taxes) is transferred from the virtual account to your bank account as per your settlement schedule.

3. If I enable Bank Transfers as a payment method for Payment Links, will it appear as a payment option on other Razorpay products as well?🔗

Yes, once this feature is enabled, it will appear in all instances of Razorpay Checkout, be it Invoices, Payment Pages or the Checkout integrated on your website. You cannot enable or disable it for specific products.

4. Will a new virtual account be created for multiple partial payments made on a Payment Link?🔗

No. Each Payment Link will have only one virtual account associated with it. Even if multiple partial payments are made against the link, the amount will be received by the same virtual account.

For Customers🔗

There are two ways by which you can report the fraudulent link:

  • Using the Payment Link hosted page.
  • Using the email notification you received.

Using the Payment Link Hosted Page

Follow these steps:
a. Click the Payment Link and open the hosted page.
b. Click Report Payment Link.


Using an Email Notification You Received

Follow these steps:
a. Open the email received from the business.
b. Click Report Email.


On Clicking Report Option
After you click the report link, a form is displayed. Enter the following details:
a. Reason to report this merchant: Click the drop-down list to select the relevant reason. For example, Reporting fake website/company.
b. Email ID: Enter your email address at which we can contact you for additional information.
c. Contact No (optional): Enter your contact number.
d. Name (optional): Enter your name.


e. Complete the captcha step and click SUBMIT REPORT.

Additional Steps
If you have already completed the payment, you can choose to:

  • Request a refund by contacting the business' support team. The support details are available on the Payment Link hosted page.
  • File a dispute against the business. Know more about disputes.

UPI Payment Links do not work if the customer is the fee bearer.