Payment Links APIs

Create, update, cancel and fetch Payment Links and resend notifications using Payment Links APIs.

Payment Links help you to receive payments from customers by sending them links via email and SMS. Use our APIs to create Payment Links. You can enter details such as amount, link expiry time, and more and send the link to the customer via email or SMS. The customer can select their desired payment method and complete the payment. Once the customer makes the payment, you will receive the amount in your bank account according to your settlement cycle.

Handy Tips

This documentation applies to the new APIs, which were launched on 1 Sep 2020. If you have gone live after December 2020, you will, by default, be on the new version. If you have the old version of APIs:

  1. Log in to the .
  2. Click on Payment Links.
  3. Click on Documentation to access the Legacy API documentation.

Check your Dashboard to see which API version you should integrate.

  • If the New API tag is shown on Dashboard, you are integrated with our New API Contracts. The screenshot below shows the New API tag on the Dashboard. Click on Documentation to know more about the New API Contracts.

  • If no tag is shown, you are integrated with our Legacy API Contracts. The screenshot below shows the absence of the tag on the Dashboard. Click on Documentation to know more about the Legacy API Contracts.

The table below lists the applicable features for New and Legacy contracts.

FeaturesStandard Payment Links (New)UPI Payment Links (New)Legacy Payment Links
Reminders for Payment Links
Partial Payments
Bulk Upload
Customize Payment Links
Offers on Payment Links
Receive Payments via Bank Transfer

API to create a new Payment Link
API to update an existing Payment Link
API to cancel an existing unpaid Payment Link
API to view Payment Link details by providing the Payment Link id
API to view a list of all the Payment Links
API to resend issued Payment Links to customers to make payments
APIs to customise Payment Links as per your business needs
API to configure reminders for Payment Links
API to transfer payments received via Payment Links to linked accounts
API to enable promotional offers on Payment Links for customers
API to enable customers to pay through specific bank accounts on a Payment Link

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