Edit a Payment Link

Know how to edit Payment Links.

You can edit Payment Links issued to customers.

Given below are the different operations that you can perform based on the state of the Payment Link:

ActionIssuedPartially PaidPaidCancelledExpired
Enable/disable Partial Paymentsxxxx
Add/edit Reference IDxxxx
Add/edit Expiry Datexxxx
Add/edit Notes

Watch this video to see how to edit a Payment Link.

To edit a Payment Link:

  1. Log in to the .
  2. Navigate to Payment Links.
  3. Click the Payment Link you want to edit. The details of the Payment Link appear on the right panel.
  4. Add/edit the fields you want.

To disable reminders by editing Payment Link:

  1. Log in to and navigate to Payment Links.
  2. Click a Payment Link ID to view its details in the side panel appears.
  3. Enable or disable Send auto reminders for the Payment Link.

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