Get Started With Optimizer

Integrate Optimizer on your website to start accepting payments.

Check the prerequisites and the integration steps for Optimizer.

To accept payments using Optimizer, follow the steps given below:

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You can start accepting payments by integrating your website, app, or ecommerce store with the Razorpay Payment Gateway through any of the


Payments API

Payments APIs are used to capture and fetch payments. The payment entity has one extra field with Optimizer to identify the payment provider through which the payment is processed.

Given below is the additional response parameter apart from the Payment Entity:


string The payment provider used to process the payment. Possible values:

  • payu
  • cashfree
  • paytm
  • pinelabs
  • ccavenue
  • ingenico
  • billdesk_optimizer

Refer to

for the rest of the parameters.


You can use Webhooks to configure and receive notifications when a specific event occurs. When an event is triggered, we send an HTTP POST payload in JSON to the webhook's configured URL. You can

from the Razorpay Dashboard.

Given below is the sample payload for webhook events for Optimizer. All the parameters and events will remain the same as shown in the

except for one additional parameter, gateway_provider.

Watch this video to know how to add payment providers and configure rules using Optimizer.

The Razorpay Dashboard offers a self-serve flow to

by submitting your details. This process is secure, and the details you add are fully encrypted which is only visible on your Dashboard. Know more about .

Create your rules on the Razorpay Dashboard to

using different parameters like payment method, amount, issuer, and more. You can also add priorities in every rule to ensure transactions are routed to the best-performing gateway.

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