Collect Convenience Fees from Customers

Collect convenience fees from your customers for using your technology and infrastructure.

You can configure a particular fee for every payment made using Optimizer with the help of the Customer Fee Bearer feature. You can charge an additional fee to your customers to help you recover costs such as as online payment gateway charges.
Convenience fees are seamlessly added at Razorpay Checkout without disrupting customers checkout experience. If a refund is initiated, your customers receive the convenience fees and the actual payment amount.

Dynamic Convenience Fees

Handy Tips

  • This feature is currently supported for specific business cases only. You can contact our to get this feature activated on your account.
  • INR is the only supported currency. This feature is not available for international payments.
  • This feature is not available for:
    • Smart Collect (via VA, VPA and QR Codes)
    • Route
    • Subscriptions (via Emandate, Paper NACH)

To enable customer fee bearer for your account:

  • Reach out to your Account Manager and share the fees with them that need to be configured for each payment method.

Given below is the customer payment flow:

  1. The customer selects an item on your website/Payment Link/Payment Page and clicks the pay button.
    Customer clicks pay button
  2. The checkout pop-up page is displayed. The customer selects the payment mode and clicks the Pay button.
    checkout form
  3. The Fees Breakup page containing the Convenience Fee appears, and the customer clicks Continue and pay.
    Fees breakup
  4. The customer is redirected to the bank page with the total amount, including the Convenience Fee.

Handy Tips

All Optimizer gateways support the Customer Fee Bearer feature. Know more about the


You should inform the customers about the Convenience Fees. We do not notify the customer of the Convenience Fees except at checkout. In the Razorpay Payment Acknowledgement email on successful payment, the Convenience Fees are added to the total amount.

Watch Out!

The email does not contain the payment breakup to indicate the Convenience Fees separately but is added to the total amount.

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