About Accepting Payments Using Razorpay.me

Accept payments from your customers using Razorpay.me.

After your Razorpay account is activated on the mobile app, Razorpay instantly creates a Razorpay.me URL for you. A Razorpay.me URL is a short URL with your business name added as a suffix. It is a single URL that you can share with all your customers through SMS, email or WhatsApp. Customers can open the link on their desktop or mobile device, enter an amount of their choice or make the payment for a specified amount.

Handy Tips

Razorpay.me URL is available only on the mobile app. To create this URL, you should sign up for an account from the Razorpay mobile app and complete the KYC process.

Watch this short video to know more:

  • Get your Razorpay.me URL in minutes
    Download the app, complete activation and get your link.
  • Branded, customised URL
    Your personalised Razorpay.me URL with your business name in the URL.
  • One link to collect all payments
    No hassle of creating multiple links for different customers.
  • Share anywhere
    Share the URL through SMS, emails, WhatsApp and other social channels.

Razorpay.me URL can be used by:

  • Freelancers/Content creators
  • Social media sellers
  • Early-stage businesses
  • Trusts and NGOs

  1. We create the Razorpay.me URL for you instantly after account activation. For example, if your business name is Acme Co, your URL will be razorpay.me/acmeco. Know how to
    Create Razorpay.me URL
  2. You either add a specific amount for the customers to pay or directly send the link and they can enter an amount of their choice.
    Specify the amount the customer should pay
  3. Share this URL with your customers through SMS, email, WhatsApp, or other social media sites.
    Share Razorpay.me URL
  4. Your customers open this URL on their desktop or mobile device, enter the amount if not specified, select the payment method and complete the payment.
    Preview Razorpay.me URL
  5. You can

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