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Issue Refunds

You can use the Razorpay Payments Mobile app to issue partial or full refunds to your customers. Follow these steps to issue refunds:

  1. Log in with your Razorpay Dashboard credentials. You can also use the Login With Google option. If you have enabled the 2FA feature on your account, complete the OTP process.

  2. In the Dashboard, tap Payments. Tap on the payment that is to be refunded.

  3. Tap Issue Refund.

  4. Provide the following details:

    • Enter the refund amount. You can choose to make a full or partial refund.
    • Select the Refund Instantly if you want the refund to reach the customer within a day's time. Handy Tips
      • Instant refund carries additional fees.
      • This feature is available only on Netbanking, UPI and select Debit and Credit cards. Find the complete list here.
    • You can add a comment. This is an optional field.
  5. Tap Issue Full/Partial Refund.

  6. Tap Yes, Issue Refund to confirm.


    You get a confirmation popup as shown:

  7. In the Dashboard, tap Payments. Tap on the payment you initiated the refund on to view the details.


Refund States🔗

The table below lists the various states in the refund life cycle and provides a brief description about each.




Razorpay is attempting to process the refund.


Once the refund has been processed, it goes to the processed state.