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Razorpay Dashboard enables you to issue refunds for the payments made by the customers on your app or website.

From the Dashboard you can:

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Issue a Refund#

Note: You can only refund payments in the captured state.

You can issue both partial and full refunds from the Payments tab. You can process refunds in two ways:

To issue a refund:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsPayments.
  2. Click the payment in the captured state for which you wish to issue a refund.
  3. Now you can either:
    1. Enter the full amount to issue a full refund.
    2. Enter an amount less than the full amount to issue a partial refund.
  4. Select the Refund Instantly check box to issue an instant refund. Unselect this box to issue a normal refund.
  5. Click + Add Comments (Optional) to enter text for your reference in the future.
  6. Click Issue Full Refund/Issue Partial refund.

The short animation below shows you how to issue a refund.

Fees - Instant and Normal Refunds:
You are charged a small fee when issuing instant refunds. Contact our support team for more details about the fees.

No fee is charged to issue a normal refund. However, the fees and tax deducted to process the payment are not refunded. This amount is deducted from your merchant balance.

View Refunds#

After issuing a refund for a payment, you can check its status Refunds tab. To view a refund:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsRefunds.
  2. Click a Refund Id to view details of the refund.

The short animation below shows how you can view details of a refund.

Refund States#


When a refund is initiated by you, it is in the processing state.


Once the refund has been processed, it goes to the processed state.


A refund can attain the failed state in the following scenarios:

  • Normal refund not possible for a payment which is more than 6 months old.
  • Refund via Instant Refund can sometimes fail because of customer's account or bank-related issues.