Refunds and Reversals

Process refunds and reversals using APIs. Refund the base transaction amount and reverse platform and third-party fees.

You can create refunds and reversals in 2 cases:

  • The base transaction amount is refunded
    You can refund the base transaction amount with or without reversing the platform and third-party fees.

  • The platform and third-party fees are reversed
    You can reverse the platform and third-party fees with or without refunding the base transaction amount.

To create refunds without reversals, you can process

or using our APIs. Know more about .

Sub-merchants can process refunds from their Dashboards. Alternatively, you (the Platform) can process refunds on behalf of sub-merchants. If you are processing the refund, you can specify whether the platform fees should also be refunded or not using the


Every platform fee or third-party fee is linked with a Transfer. To reverse the platform or third-party fees, use the


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