Process Platform and Third-Party Fees

Process platform and third-party fees and transfer them to your Linked Accounts.

After setting up the platform and third-party accounts, you can deduct your platform and third-party fees from the transaction amount while creating an order. After the payment is captured and the order is paid, transfers are automatically created and settled to the respective Linked Accounts.

You can transfer platform and third-party fees when creating an order using the Orders API. Pass the transfers parameters as a part of the Order API request body.

Use the access_token generated in the

step to authenticate using Bearer Auth.

The following endpoint lets you transfer the funds while creating an order.


Pass the Linked Account id of the receiver of the transfer in the account parameter under the transfers object.

  • To transfer the platform fees, add the Linked Account id of your Platform.
  • To transfer the third-party fees, add the Linked Account id of the corresponding third party.

The parameter descriptions and errors are present in the


To receive notifications on when a transfer is processed, set up the

. Check the .

Watch Out!

  • You cannot create transfers on an order which has partial_payment parameter enabled. Ensure that this parameter is set to 0.
  • You cannot create transfers on an order for international currencies. Currently, this feature is available for INR only.
  • If a Transfer via Order initiated by you fails, we will retry this transfer starting from the next day on consecutive days. There will be a maximum of 3 retries.

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