You don’t need a fact-checker or a borrowed quote to prove that almost everybody is hooked to WhatsApp. We live ‘Mobile’ every day. 

WhatsApp’s core functionality is messaging. No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks! In a world where everybody wants to be heard, Brian Acton and Jan Koum knew exactly what their product was going to be. 

And, look at us now, we have aced the texting game, especially when we are stuck at a function, attending a boring party, or every time we feel the need to do so. 

WhatsApp is catching on as a versatile platform for businesses, enterprises and e-commerce retailers to market themselves as well. With that being said, the app also gives a chance to industrious users to pad their income. Yes, you can make money, too using WhatsApp.

How do I Market myself or my business on WhatsApp?

Let’s say your business has a decent online presence, but your messaging or posts aren’t reaching your customers, and you do not have a budget to run ads or promote social posts regularly. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Step 1: Make a WhatsApp group.
  • Step 2: Build hype on social media about the group.
  • Step 3: Promote the post for seven days (do it once).
  • Step 4: Once people start adding themselves, you are set.
  • Step 5: Promote your products and services, but don’t spam.
  • Step 6: You can use Razorpay’s payment links to collect payments.

Finally, with Razorpay’s product suit collecting payments will be easier than ever. Here’s what you get if you sign up razorpay account:  

  1. Razorpay Payment Links – It can help freelancers or individual businesses with a fast settlement or alternate payment option–you can create and share Payment Links for and provide flexibility to your clients. 
  2. Razorpay Payment Gateway – Empower your business with Razorpay Payment Gateway with complete online onboarding, minimum documentation, and start transacting within 2 minutes.
  3. Razorpay Payment Page – Whether you have a website or you don’t, whether you have an app or you don’t, you can still accept payments online through Payment Pages.

What are the other features of WhatsApp that I can explore?  

  1. You can send a broadcast message and address customers directly. 
  2. Share promotional content using the app’s file sharing features. 
  3. Create a mailing list for your specific WhatsApp contact. 
  4. Create a custom signature for your website link (If you have a website) 
  5. Update your WhatsApp status because more users check status updates rather than messages (Talk about your product)

Unlike any other app, communication is more fluid in WhatsApp–an individual can address customer queries person to person. Whereas, on Twitter and Facebook responding to tweets or comments takes a day unless you have enough bandwidth to humanise your social media. 

What are the other ways to make money using WhatsApp?

Of course, affiliate marketing. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. 

The concept behind affiliate marketing is all about promoting products or services of companies and brands. In this program, you earn a cut for every sale you make. 

Have you heard about Razorpay’s Partner Program

The Razorpay Partner Program is a referral program through which you can offer the Razorpay product suite to your clients or customers and get rewarded for the same. The program then becomes a source of additional income for Razorpay partners.

This affiliate program is not just limited to agencies and companies alone. Even individuals, freelancers or individual businesses can be a part of this program and earn commissions by referring businesses to Razorpay.

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Freelancers can also earn money by contributing to local news stories. 

Look out for publications and various news networks who want new content in their WhatsApp feed. Unilad, LADbible, 9GAG are some of the online platforms that will pay for high quality, videos, memes, footages, news and perhaps, something unique.  

So, be prepared to capture unusual occurrences, but Strictly, no TikTok stuff, please.

How to expand my reach on WhatsApp?

Some may say to add as many contacts as possible. But let me ask you this, what are you going to do with a reach that doesn’t convert? This is where you carefully select the contacts. Yes, it requires a lot of manual effort to set the engine running, but it will be worth the time you put in. 

Don’t flood your feed to get more possible ears and eyes. People are tired of spam, if you don’t pay attention, your group might be on mute for a year, or the users would leave after a consistent bombardment of messages. The only thing that works is to deliver as you advertise, fix your product, and word of mouth will do the magic to your numbers. 

The only secret ingredient to crack WhatsApp is consistency, good judgement and loads of patience. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

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