The merits of using WhatsApp for business need no explaining. With over 500 million users in India, WhatsApp Business has proven to be a most effective customer engagement channel for a wide range of business use cases. 

But, what if more could be done with this? 

What if we could seamlessly jump from engagement to sales on WhatsApp? What if WhatsApp could become a channel as synonymous with commerce as it is with conversation? 

It would mark a paradigm shift for mobile commerce in India. But such a leap would also need an embedded solution enabling customers to make seamless payments for products and services directly from WhatsApp.

Introducing in-app payments on WhatsApp Business with Razorpay 

At Razorpay, we have never stopped innovating in our quest to make life easier for businesses and their customers. Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of an embedded payment solution for WhatsApp that will transform the way Indian businesses and their customers interact with the platform.

With Razorpay Payment Gateway, Indian businesses can now offer their customers a native payment experience inside WhatsApp

This means that businesses and their customers can sell and buy entirely on a WhatsApp chat thread without having to open another app, visit a website, or make a payment by other means. Consumers will have access to a wide range of payment options directly on WhatsApp. 

Introducing: In-app payments on WhatsApp with Razorpay

From browsing a new catalogue of products to buying one, from receiving a bill to paying it, and from requesting an appointment to booking one with advance payment – customers can now complete the entire journey on WhatsApp.  

This opens up a range of commercial opportunities for businesses – recovering abandoned carts, upselling, collecting advance payments, securing COD orders, and so much more.

Categories of all types, including travel, utilities, education, financial services, telecom/OTT, professional services and e-commerce will be able to make the most of Razorpay payments on WhatsApp. 

whatsapp business

Recovering abandoned carts, upselling, collecting advance payments, or securing COD orders – brands can create multiple commerce opportunities on the WhatsApp Business platform with this feature.

Recover abandoned carts, offer pay on delivery, and upsell/cross-sell

Why Razorpay on WhatsApp is best for your business

Fewer drop-offs: You can close the entire discovery-to-payment loop directly on a WhatsApp chat thread, thereby reducing drop-offs

Frictionless checkout: With the power of Razorpay’s industry-leading technology, offer your customers 100+ payment methods, including EMI and pay-later options, saved cards and native OTP

All this adds up to a great purchase experience for your customers and increases their preference for your brand! 

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How to enable Razorpay on WhatsApp Business

The entire process can be completed in a few steps. All it takes is: 

  1. Integration with WhatsApp Business API
  2. An active Razorpay account

We have enabled all major BSPs in the country to offer you this integration in just a few clicks, so that your effort is significantly reduced.

If you do not have an active Razorpay account, have not integrated with the WhatsApp Business API, or your BSP doesn’t yet have the integration available, please reach out to us today.


WhatsApp is not just the most popular chat app in India but also the most preferred channel for consumers to interact with brands. The speed and convenience of this seamless, new payment experience on WhatsApp will delight customers and businesses in equal measure.

The Razorpay solution for WhatsApp is set to revolutionize digital commerce in India, and is a chance for you to unlock enormous growth!

So be where your audience is, and turn all your customer chat into sales!



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