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RazorpayX APIs

TLS 1.2:
According to PCI regulations, payout processing is allowed on TLS version 1.2 or higher .

RazorpayX will not acknowledge APIs if they are triggered without TLS version 1.2 or higher.

Post sign up, account activation and KYC verification you are eligible to make payouts. To make a payout, you must:

  1. Create a Contact.
  2. Add a Fund Account for a contact.
  3. Create a Payout.

Watch the below video to learn how to create Payouts using our APIs.

Add Funds to your Business Account:
It is assumed that you have already added funds to your business account. This action cannot be performed via APIs and has to be done before you can make a payout. Refer to the business account section to learn how to add funds to your business account.

Test Mode🔗

RazorpayX test mode is a replication of RazorpayX in a sandbox environment. It allows you to test all aspects of your integration before you go live.

Actions taken in the test mode have no consequences in your live environment. Test mode has its own dummy balance. No real money is used in the test mode.

Contacts, fund accounts and payouts created in the test mode do not appear in the live environment. You can create contacts and fund accounts using real-world or dummy data.

For example, a contact created in the test mode does not carry over to the live mode and vice versa. Payouts made to a fund account in the test mode uses funds from the test account balance, which is not real money.

Refer to our Test Mode documentation for more details.

API Gateway URL🔗

The Razorpay API Gateway URL is https://api.razorpay.com/v1. You need to include this before each API endpoint to make API calls.

API Authentication🔗

All RazorpayX APIs are authenticated using Basic Auth. Basic auth requires the following:


Generate API Key🔗

Existing Razorpay Merchants:
If you are an existing Razorpay merchant, you can use your existing API key with RazorpayX.

To generate your API Keys:

  1. Log into your RazorpayX Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Account SettingsAPI Keys and Webhooks.

  3. Click Generate Key.

  4. API Keys are generated for your business account. Click Download Key Details to download your API Keys for future reference.

Watch the short animation below for more information.

After generating the keys from the Dashboard, download and save them securely. Razorpay does not store <YOUR_KEY_SECRET>. This is visible only at the time of key generation. If you have already generated your API Key and do not remember it, you will need to re-generate the keys from the Dashboard and replace it in your integration code.

Error Codes🔗

RazorpayX aims to make all transaction successful for its customers. However, errors might still occur in the financial ecosystem because of intermittent communication and technical issues at multiple hops. Hence, it becomes critical for businesses to identify the source of the error and the reason for the error. This enables you to minimize or fix errors to reduce any losses.

There are 2 types of error codes:

  • API Error Codes: These are returned to you when the API cannot be fired.
  • Payout Error Codes: These are returned when a payout is created, but fails for some reason. These are sent as part of the payout response and webhook payloads. In such scenarios, the payout is reversed.

Read more: Error Code Documentation.

Rate Limits🔗

Razorpay employs a request rate limiter that limits the number of requests received by the API within a time window. This is to maintain system stability in the event of unintentional high traffic loads.

While integrating with any APIs, watch for HTTP status code 429 and build the retry mechanism based on the requirement.

To make the best use of the limits, it is recommended to use an Exponential backoff/stepped backoff strategy to reduce request volume and stay within the limit. It is also recommended to have some randomization within the backoff schedule to avoid the thundering herd effect.


RazorpayX Account
Payouts are made using funds in this account. Refer to the RazorpayX Account documentation for more details. Currently, there are two types of accounts available to you:
  • Virtual Account
  • Current Account
A contact is an entity to whom payouts are made. Contacts have certain identification properties such as name, email ID and phone number. To make a payout to a contact, you must add a fund account to the contact.
Fund Account
A fund account is an entity to which payouts can be made. Currently, RazorpayX supports three types of fund accounts:
  • bank_account: Make payouts to a contact's bank account via bank transfer using one of the available Payout Modes such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • cards: Make payouts directly to a contact's card via a bank transfer using one of the available Payout Modes such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • vpa (Virtual Payment Address): Make payouts to a contact's VPA via a UPI transfer.
Any transaction made using bank account linked to your RazorpayX account. This can either be a credit (when you add funds to your account) transaction or a debit (payouts made using RazorpayX) transaction. You can view transactions from the Dashboard or fetch details using the Transactions APIs.