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Find answers to frequently asked questions about RazorpayX Payroll.

1. We processed the salaries and the payments are still In Progress. What do we do now?

If your payment status shows In Progress, it means that Payroll is awaiting payment confirmation status from the bank.

Please wait for confirmation from the bank. You can also check the status in the Ledger on the Payroll Dashboard. Know more about the

and the .

2. We processed the salaries. The payment status is successful but is yet to be credited to my employees. What to do now?

If your payouts are processed successfully, yet the amount is not credited, please wait for 3 days for the payment to reflect in the employees' accounts.

You can retry the payment from ReportsLedger on the

after 3 days. Know more about .

1. We transferred funds to our previous Yes Bank account instead of the new Axis Bank account. How do we get the funds back?

If you have transferred funds to your Yes Bank account, we automatically return those funds to your Axis Bank account. You need not take any action here.

However, when you

, ensure you transfer funds to the new Axis Bank account. You can find your account details on the Money Transfer page.

2. We are unable to transfer the funds from our Axis account to the Axis Payroll account. The account number says it is invalid. How to resolve this?

If you are facing issues during fund transfer to Payroll through your Axis bank account, follow the given steps:

  1. On this Axis netbanking portal:
    • Select Other Bank Payees instead of Axis Payees if you use Axis Bank's Corporate Banking portal.

      Axis corp banking Payroll fund transfer resolution
    • Select Other Bank under Payee if you use Axis Bank's Retail Banking portal.

      Axis retail banking Payroll fund transfer resolution

      Watch Out!

      You can transfer funds to Payroll only via Netbanking.

  2. Enter the account number and IFSC available on the Money Transfer page to add funds. You can transfer the funds to your Axis account between 1:30 am-9:30 pm. Know more about .

1. What is the TDS impact on the Razorpay charges we paid?

You need not pay TDS on Razorpay charges unless the charges are more than ₹30,000. If Razorpay charges are more than ₹30,000, you can deduct TDS using Payroll, or pay it manually.

Know more about


2. Will my TDS deduction increase if I pay bonus to my employees?

Yes, your TDS increases as providing a bonus is an addition to the employee's salary. Know how bonus on top of salary affects TDS and how


3. Why is the TDS deducted from my salary higher than the previous month, due to which my in-hand salary is also less?

Your in-hand salary is less due to a higher TDS deduction applicable on the bonus/addition you received. We deduct it in the same month you receive it.

Suppose we do not deduct the increased TDS in the current month. In that case, employees must pay the TDS shortfall in the following months. As a result, the in-hand salary also reduces for the following months even if the bonus was only for the current month.

Know how bonus on top of salary affects TDS and how


4. We received a notice from TRACES with the subject 'Regular Statement filed is processed with defaults and/or PAN errors u/s 200A.' Why did we receive this and what needs to be done?

You receive such an email when you file returns against an inoperative PAN of the employee/contractor. Due to an inoperative PAN, TDS is deducted at 20%. To verify this, download the Justification Report from the TRACES portal.

Payroll does not support revised filings. Please log in to the TRACES portal and rectify the TDS excess/shortfall.

1. When will my employees get the Form 16?

Employees receive their Form 16 after the end of the financial year, around June. Know more about


2. Where do we see the Employees Form 16 once it is available?

We mail the unsigned Employee Form 16s to your employees' email ids.

However, we can mail your employees only if Payroll handles your 24Q filing. This is usually enabled by default for all organisations. You can check if you have enabled 24Q under SettingsTDS Filing Setup on the


3. Do we get the Contractors Form 16A through Payroll?

No. Payroll does not provide Form 16A by default. You can

to request Form 16As and mention the following in your email:

  • The Contractor's name and PAN.
  • The quarter for which you need the Form 16A.

However, you can request Form 16A only if you have used Payroll to pay your contractors and file 26Q returns. Know more about


1. How can I pay bonuses to my employees?

There are three ways in which you can pay bonuses to your employees:

2. How can I pay an instant bonus to employees?

You can

to pay an instant bonus to your employees.

1. Our leaves are carried forward to the next financial year even if we did not configure that. Why?

By default, Payroll automatically carries forward the unused paid time off (PTOs) to the next financial year.

To modify or remove carrying unused leaves forward to the next year, refer to the

and configure it to 0/none.

1. Payroll's Loss of Pay calculation is not matching with our calculation. Why?

If LOP days do not match your calculations, it may be because LOP is calculated using total working days in the month instead of the total number of days in the month. Know more about


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