About Statutory Compliance

Understand the compliance setup and deduction process from employee's payroll in Payroll.

Statutory compliance regulations are government mandated legal arrangements that a company and its employees adhere to. Every organisation that pays salaries to the people it has employed is bound by these laws.

Payroll helps you automate all the operational parts of compliances. With Payroll, you get access to:

Watch Out!

  • Payroll automates your compliance payments and filings only. We do NOT handle the initial registration for the compliances mentioned below.
    • Initial registration is not the same as employee registration.
    • Talk with to start the initial registration.
  • All the compliance payments are made before 15th of the following month (15th or 20th in case of Professional Tax).
    • You can find the TDS challans under ReportsTDS.
    • For PF, ESI, and PT, navigate to ReportsProvident Fund, ESI & Professional Tax.

  • You can view the details of every compliance deduction under ReportsLedger.
  • To ensure timely compliance payments, ensure you update all the required credentials under Company DetailsExternal Credentials .
  • We display all compliance payments individually for all employees and contractors. Payroll does not file nil returns.

RazorpayX Payroll does not offer the following:

  • Company registrations for compliances like PF, PT, ESIC.
  • Bulk registration requests of any kind.
  • LWF payments and filings.
  • Salary Structuring or HR services.
  • PF transfers, withdrawal management, and so on.
  • Assistance with ESI claims.
  • TDS correction filing.
  • Representation services of any kind.
  • Nil filing entries.

Tax Deducted at Source, or simply TDS, is deducted from salary and one-time payments as applicable. Know more about

with RazorpayX Payroll.

Payroll handles all the monthly payments, filings, and employee registration after the initial registration is complete. However, it does not offer initial registration for


Employees State Insurance (ESI) is a government-mandated health insurance for employees. We handle the register management, monthly payments and filings. Know more about


Payroll only handles the tax payments and filing monthly returns, and does not handle the initial registration. Individual state governments have website portals to manage Professional Tax (PT) and you have to register accordingly.

Know how to set up and handle


After every payroll execution, check whether Payroll has made a deduction for any compliance. To check this:

  1. Log in to your .
  2. Navigate to ReportsLedger.
  3. Check the Status column in the ledger report.
    • If the status is Success, then the payment has already been made.
    • If the status is Pending, then the payment is yet to happen.

In the Ledger Report section, Payroll displays all compliance payments individually for all employees and contractors. If there are no entries here, it means that Payroll has not made any such deductions.

Watch Out!

Payroll sometimes makes the payment before the due date.

Payroll automates the payments and the filings. We do not help with the initial company registration.

However, few CA partners who use Payroll to manage their clients on our platform are listed below. Contact them for the financial business advice along with registrations etc.

CA firm NameWebsite
QED Corporation
Jain Ambavat & associates

You can add your CA partner as a

who has to your Payroll account.

Your partners then receive a

and will be able to login and access relevant sections of the platform as you choose.

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