RazorpayX Payroll Plans

Compare the RazorpayX Payroll plans and features, facilities and support options available in them.

RazorpayX Payroll offers three plans:

  • Prime Plan: For upto 11-30 employees.
  • Elite Plan: For upto 31-1000 employees.
  • Enterprise Plan: For more than 1001+ employees. to customise the plan for your organisation.

Explore the facilities, features and support functions available under each plan below.

Following are the common payroll features available with each plan.

Basic Payroll Functions

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Calculate Payroll
Generate Payslips
Direct salary payments
Salary Adjustments
Salary Register

Other Payments

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Expense management/
Contractor payments✓**✓**

** Charged per Contractor Payment.

Compliance Payments, Calculation and Filing

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Advance Compliance (ESI, PF)
Compliance Payments and Filing
Generate Form 16

Advance Payroll

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Standard Roles and Permissions
Employee PF and VPF
Multiple Deductions
Hold Salary, Pay Compliance
Loan Management
Approval Workflowsx
Bonus Management

Time and Attendance

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Basic Attendance
Bulk Attendance Upload

Employee Delight Features

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Email and SMS Notifications
Payslips via
Payslips via and
Reimbursements via WhatsApp
Reimbursements via Slack
Salary Account
Salary Account Integration


Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Self Serve
Email support
Chat support

Following are the value added features available with each plan.

White-Glove Support

Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
Dedicated Implementation Support✓*✓*✓*
Dedicated Relationship Manager (RM)x✓***
Custom Reports on-Demandx

* Additional charges apply.

*** Free for 100+ employee count organisations only.


Facilities and FeaturesPrimeEliteEnterprise
API and Webhooks
Third-party Flexible Benefits Integrations
Third-party HRMS Integrations✓*✓*✓*
Third-Party Attendance Integrations✓*✓***
Health Insurance via IRDA Partner✓*✓*✓*
Background Verification✓*✓*✓*
Other Third-Party Integrations✓*✓*✓*

* Additional charges apply.

*** Free for 100+ employee count organisations only.

Your queries are better addressed via live chat or email.

Watch Out!

  • If you are on the annual plan, you cannot switch to a monthly plan before the end of its validity.
  • If you discontinue using Payroll mid-year and are on the annual subscription plan, the remaining months will not be refunded.
  • When the number of employees in your company increases or decreases, the cost is adjusted accordingly.
    • For increase in number of employees, you are charged monthly for the additional employees.
    • For decrease in number of employees, you receive extra free months after the 14th month.

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