Subscriptions Settings

Configure payment method settings for Razorpay Subscriptions.

You can configure the payment methods (Cards, UPI and Emandate) using which you would like to accept subscription payments from your customers.

Handy Tips
Cards and UPI currently support recurring payments up to ₹ 5,000. Charges of higher value would automatically fail for domestic cards.

Enable Payment Methods🔗

To enable payment methods:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard and click Subscriptions in the left menu.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Enable the payment methods:

    • Card: Enable this to accept recurring payments via cards for your Subscriptions in any of the supported international currencies.
    • UPI: Enable this to accept UPI payments when a recurring charge is less than ₹5,000. Only INR is supported.
    • eMandate: Enable this to accept recurring payments via Emandate (NetBanking) for your Subscriptions only in INR. This payment method will be enabled by default. You can disable it whenever required.