Razorpay Subscriptions Plugin for WooCommerce

Accept recurring payments on your WooCommerce-enabled WordPress site using the Razorpay Subscription for WooCommerce plugin.

Integrate your

with the Razorpay Payment Gateway.

  • Razorpay Subscriptions plugin provides a quick and customer-friendly integration.
  • No need to create Plans or Subscriptions using the Razorpay Dashboard or Razorpay APIs. All this can be done easily from your WooCommerce Dashboard.
  • Customers can make payments on your website without any redirections.
  • You can accept recurring payments using Razorpay Subscriptions plugin on your WooCommerce website via Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and UPI payment methods.

Watch this video to know how to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway with your WooCommerce Subscriptions website using our plugin.

You must have the following installed for the plugin to work:

WordPress3.9.2 or higher
2.4 or higher
2.2 and above
2.0.0 and above
PHP5.6.0 or higher

Watch Out!

Subscriptions plugin v2.3.6 for WooCommerce relies on


  • Create an .
  • Understand the process.
  • Generate the API keys from the by navigating to SettingsAPI Keys. You can use the Test mode keys for testing and later switch to Live mode keys when going live with the integration.

  • Queries: If you have queries, raise a ticket on the


  • Feature Request: If you have a feature request, create an issue on


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