Create Add-ons

Create add-ons for Subscriptions from the Razorpay Dashboard.

Add-ons can be charged to your customers at any time during the life of a Subscription. Add-ons are typically charged for extra services taken by a customer during the billing cycle.

Consider, Acme Corp. is providing DTH services. A customer wants to add the sports channel pack, which costs an additional ₹300.00, to his Subscription only for the next month.

Before the next billing cycle, Acme Corp. can add ₹300.00 to the customer's current bill amount as an add-on.

Add-ons can be created:

Watch Out!

  • You can only add an Add-on to an upcoming invoice and not to the ones already created.
  • You can charge Add-ons for a single billing cycle only. They are not recurring in nature and will not automatically be added to any future invoices.

Watch this video to see how to add add-ons to the Subscriptions.

To create an add-on:

  1. Log in to the and click Subscriptions under PAYMENT PRODUCTS in the left menu.
  2. Click on the Subscription Id for which you want to create an add-on. Details of the Subscription appear in the right pane. Click the next invoice listed under the Invoices detail section.
  3. Click + Include Add-on.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Name for the add-on.
    2. Description for the add-on, this is optional.
    3. Price per unit for the add-on. This is in the same currency as the plan.
    4. Quantity, that is the number of times the customer wants to avail the add-on during the billing cycle.
  5. Click Include. The add-on amount is added to the Subscription amount and the total is updated.

You can create add-ons for the Subscriptions using


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