Display the Configuration

Display the configured payment methods on Razorpay Checkout.

The display configuration can be passed in the Checkout options.

You can use the display configuration to put together all the modules, that is, blocks, sequence, preferences, and hide instruments as shown below:

let config = {
display: {
blocks: {
code: {
name: "The name of the block", // The title of the block
instruments: [instrument, instrument] // The list of instruments
anotherCode: {
name: "Another block",
instruments: [instrument]
hide: [
method: "method"
sequence: ["block.code"], // The sequence in which blocks and methods should be shown
preferences: {
show_default_blocks: true // Should Checkout show its default blocks?

Descriptions for the checkout options parameters are present in the


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Descriptions for the request parameters are present in the


Descriptions for the response parameters are present in the

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