Display the Configuration

Display the configured payment methods on Razorpay Checkout.

This section details about the display configuration.

Using the display config, you can put together all the modules, that is, blocks, sequence, preferences, hide instruments as shown below:

The display config can be passed in the Checkout options.

Copylet config = { display: { blocks: { code: { name: "The name of the block", // The title of the block instruments: [instrument, instrument] // The list of instruments }, anotherCode: { name: "Another block", instruments: [instrument] } }, hide: [ { method: "method" } ], sequence: ["block.code"], // The sequence in which blocks and methods should be shown preferences: { show_default_blocks: true // Should Checkout show its default blocks? } } };
Copy// beginning of the Checkout code ..... let options = { key: "[YOUR_KEY_ID]", amount: 60000, currency: "INR", config: { display: { // The display config } } }; let razorpay = new Razorpay(options); razorpay.open(); .... //rest of the Checkout code

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