About Payment Methods Configuration

Configure the payment methods of your choice at Razorpay Checkout.

Razorpay Web Standard Checkout hosts a variety of payment methods for customers to make payments. The order of these payment methods on the Checkout is fixed and cannot be interchanged. There can be situations where you want certain payment methods to be shown more prominently or rearrange the order in which the payment methods are displayed on the Checkout.

You can now configure the payment methods of your choice on the Checkout to provide a highly personalised experience for your customers. This simple and accessible experience for them will increase your sales and your success rates.

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Depending on the use cases that you might have, Razorpay allows you to create any configuration of the payment methods, of your choice:

  • Highlighting certain payment instruments on the Checkout.
    For example, Google Pay could be displayed outside the UPI block as a separate payment method. HDFC Netbanking could come out of the Netbanking container as a different payment method. Similarly, Freecharge can be pulled out of the wallet block.

  • Restricting the kind of network, issuer, BIN and card type, different card properties, to accept payments.
    For example, you can choose to accept payments only from "HDFC Visa Debit cards" on the Checkout.

  • Removing a certain payment method or instrument.
    For example, Freecharge can be removed as a payment method from wallets. The entire Netbanking block or a certain bank in Netbanking can be removed from the Checkout.

  • Reordering of payment methods on the Checkout.
    You can choose to arrange UPI as the first section instead of Cards on the Checkout. You can again order the PSPs within the UPI block according to your need.

  • Grouping of payment instruments.
    For example, you can choose to group Netbanking and UPI payment methods of a bank as a block that will be labelled as Pay via Bank on the Checkout.

  • Highlight Instruments of a certain bank
    Payment Gateway - Certain bank
  • Regroup Payment Methods
    Payment Gateway - Regroup PM
  • Remove UPI
    Payment Gateway - Remove UPI

To control payment methods on the Checkout, there are different ways to pass the configuration to the Checkout:

  • Pass the configuration to the options parameter of the Checkout code at the run time.
    This is useful when you want to modify the order of the payment methods for a particular set of payments while rendering the Checkout. See the

    for details.

  • Create a global setting of the payments as a Configuration ID and pass these values while creating the Order.
    This is useful when you want to fix the Order of the payment methods on Checkout.

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