CVV-less Flow for Card Payments

Save customer card details as tokens and enable CVV-less payment flows for customers via Razorpay.

CVV-less payments are recently introduced for saved cards where the cardholder can complete a payment without the card CVV. CVV-less card payments are simple, fast and secure, and do not require a memory test of your customers!

As a business, we encourage you to remove the CVV box completely in the checkout experience of the customer. By doing so, you are not only encouraging the customer to choose their saved cards as a convenient payment option, but you are also enabling them to have a faster checkout experience.
If you are live on Razorpay Standard Checkout, the UI changes are automatically taken care of.

Handy Tips

Offering CVV-less saved card flows to your customers can increase their conversion rate by 4%.

CVV Less Card Payment Flow GIF



string The card’s CVV.

Handy Tips

CVV-less payments on RuPay is an on-demand feature for standard checkout merchants. Reach out to our

for more information.

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