Troubleshooting & FAQs

Troubleshoot common error scenarios and find answers to frequently asked questions about Standard Android integration.

1. I am trying to integrate Razorpay SDK for android 12. However, the following error message is displayed, Receiver not registered " error from checkoutActivity. While trying UPI" implementation 'com.razorpay:checkout:1.6.13. How to resolve this?

Add the code given below in your Android Manifest.xml file:

<action android:name="rzp.device_token.share" />
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
android:scheme="io.rzp" />

Handy Tips

You do not need to add this code to your integration if using SDK version 1.6.17 and above.

2. Android app is crashing every time I invoke API. How to resolve this?

The Android App crashes because the theme color parameter is passed in curly braces.

Use the code given below to resolve the problem:

JSONObject options = new JSONObject();
options.put("name", "Merchant Name");
options.put("description", "Reference No. #123456");
options.put("image", "");
options.put("order_id", "order_DBJOWzybf0sJbb");//from response of step 3.
options.put("theme.color", "#3399CC");

3. During checkout, the Paying To name reflects my company name. Is it possible to change the Paying To name from my company name to my product name?

No. Paying to gives your business name and not the product name. It is a standard flow. So you cannot change it.

4. Does Razorpay support Xamarin for SDK integration?

No, we do not support Xamarin. However, since Xamarin is essentially a wrapper around Android and iOS, you can create your own Xamarin wrapper using our

and SDKs.

You can refer to Xamarin for integrating native

and libraries. Alternatively, you can use web integration to open the checkout form in a web view.

5. How can I check the Razorpay Android Standard SDK version?

To check the SDK version:

  1. Open your Android project in Android Studio.
  2. Navigate to the build.gradle file of your app module (usually app/build.gradle).
  3. Locate the dependencies block in the file.
  4. Find the line that includes the Razorpay SDK dependency. The version number will be alongside the SDK name in the formatx.y.z.
    repositories {
    dependencies {
    implementation 'com.razorpay:checkout:1.6.39'

6. How can I update the Razorpay Android Standard SDK version?

To update the Standard Android SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Check the .
  2. In the app-level gradle build file, update the SDK version to the latest release.
    dependencies {
    // … other dependencies
    // For Razorpay checkout SDK
    implementation ‘com.razorpay:checkout:<latest-version-name-goes-here>
    // … other dependencies
  3. After updating, sync gradle and check for any compile-time errors.
  4. Ensure all changes are correctly integrated and the application functions as expected.

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