Integrate With Android Standard SDK

Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway with your Android app using the Razorpay Android Standard SDK and start accepting payments.

You can use Razorpay Standard SDK to integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with your Android Application.

Watch Out!

, all developers must declare how they collect and handle user data for the apps they publish on Google Play and provide details about how they protect this data through security practices like encryption. Know more about how to fill the .

Handy Tips

  • Starting from version 1.6.22, the Android Standard SDK includes codes in Kotlin. Please add the Kotlin library to your project.

  • Due to the

    in Google Play Developer policy, we have removed auto-read SMS feature from Razorpay Android Standard SDK versions 1.5.1 and higher. However, if your Android app already has permission to read SMS, then Razorpay will auto-read it.

  • Upgrade to the latest version available on the


  • According to the PCI regulations, payment processing is not allowed on TLS v1. Hence, if the device does not have TLS v1.1 or v1.2, the SDK will throw an error in the onPaymentError method. Check the


  • If you are using SDK version below 1.6.15, you need to make


Version No.Release DateChanges
1.6.3908 May 2024Bug fix : RECEIVER_EXPORTED flag implementation for OTP Auto Read on Android 34(Tiramisu) devices.
1.6.3820 Mar 2024Bug fix : Rectified clearUserData for user data deletion
1.6.3606 Nov 2023Feature : Truecaller support for Login and fetching Saved Cards
1.6.3526 Sept 2023Bug fix : Resolved ERR_NAME_NOT_FOUND crash issue to improve app stability
1.6.3427 July 2023Feature : SMS_RETRIEVER_API user consent pop up blocked when not necessary
Bug Fixes :
  • Data encryption in SharedPreferences
  • Denial-of-Service issue fix
1.6.3303 July 2023Bug fix : No static field err_name_not_resolved_title

Watch this video to know how to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your Android app.

Check the sample app to integrate on


  • Create a .
  • Generate the from the Razorpay Dashboard. To go live with the integration and start accepting real payments, generate Live Mode API Keys and replace them in the integration.
  • Know about .

Follow these integration steps:

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