Integrate With iOS Standard SDK

Integrate your iOS app with Razorpay iOS Standard SDK and start accepting payments from customers using iOS devices.

Integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with your iOS app and start accepting payments from your customers.

Watch Out!

You cannot use an external payment gateway to accept payments by selling digital products or content. You must use Appleā€™s In-App Purchase to avoid app rejection. Know more about the


SDKFramework Compiled WithRelease DateChanges
Swift 5.4.2+22 Apr 2024Features :
  • Privacy Manifest included in the xcframework library
  • xcframework signed with Razorpay's Apple Account.
Bug Fix :
  • Transparent Nav Bar issue after triggering Razorpay Checkout fixed
Swift 5.4.2+31 Jan 2024Bug Fix : Generic fixes for UPI Intent payments
Swift 5.4.2+23 Aug 2023Feature : Introduced UPI Intent Recurring/Mandate payment
Swift 5.4.2+06 July 2023Bug Fix :
  • UI improvements
  • Added a dedicated navigation bar for checkout's payment page
Swift 5.4.2+05 May 2023Performance improvements

Update SDK

Check your

. If it is outdated, please to ensure uninterrupted settlements of your funds.

Watch this video to learn how to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your iOS app.

Refer to the

to know how to integrate with the SDK.

Follow these integration steps:

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