Additional Support for Payment Methods

Additional support features available for card, netbanking, wallets and more.

Use the Razorpay Android Standard SDK to integrate supported payment methods on the Checkout form of your Android app as per your business requirements. Here are some additional methods provided by the SDK for the integration and usage of payment methods:

If your application targetSdkVersion is 30 or above, add the following code in your app's manifest file to support the UPI Intent flow.

<!-- List of apps which you want to support for Intent pay -->
<package android:name="" />
<package android:name=""/>
Specific intents you query for,
eg: for a custom share UI
<action android:name="android.intent.action.SEND" />

Handy Tips

  • Refer to the list of .
  • Additionally, we recommend you to create 2 sections - Primary and Others. Under Primary, display the following 4 apps:
    • GPay
    • PhonePe
    • Paytm
    • BHIM

Configure and initiate a recurring payment transaction on UPI Intent:

Watch Out!

This is an on-demand feature. Please raise a request with our

to get it enabled on your Razorpay account.

JSONObject options = new JSONObject();
options.put("name", "Gaurav Kumar");
options.put("description", "Reference No. #123456");
options.put("image", "");
options.put("order_id", "order_DBJOWzybf0XXXX"); // from response of order creation step
options.put("theme.color", "#3399cc");
options.put("currency", "INR");
options.put("amount", "50000"); // pass amount in currency subunits
options.put("", "");
options.put("", "9000090000");
JSONObject retryObj = new JSONObject();
retryObj.put("enabled", true);
retryObj.put("max_count", 4);
options.put("retry", retryObj);
options.put("recurring", 1);
options.put("customer_id", "cust_xxxxxxxxx");
options.put("method", new JSONObject().put("upi", true));

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