What is an Offer Letter?

A job offer letter is a formal written document sent by employers to a candidate selected to fill a particular position. It contains critical information like roles and responsibilities, salary details and start date.

If the candidate is satisfied with the terms detailed in the offer letter, she will sign it and send it back as an acceptance of the job.

If the offer letter contains the following details, it can be considered a legally binding contract:

  • A clear and definite offer of employment
  • A clear acceptance of the offer
  • An exchange of value; salary being exchange for work done

In addition to these essential elements, an offer letter in India must also be in writing and signed by both parties.

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What is included in a job offer letter? 

Employers must ensure that the following critical information is included in the job offer letter:

Job title

The potential employee’s position at work and level of responsibilities after getting selected.

Job description

A written narrative that lists down the core responsibilities, general tasks, and other associated duties.

Starting date

The scheduled date when the new hire is expected to join the company and start working.

Work schedule

The expected volume of work – hours per day or days per week, that the employee must put in at the job.

Reporting structure

The inter-relationship between various authorities within a company. In other words, it describes the hierarchical chain of command – who reports to whom.


The compensation paid to the employees in exchange for their service. An employer needs to factor in various components of salary while calculating it in India. Typically, it includes base salary, wages, commissions, incentives, etc.

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Employee benefits

The indirect and non-cash components paid to the employees over and above their salaries.

Privacy policies

A section of the offer letter that discloses how the employer manages customer data and how the prospective employee has to follow it.

Termination conditions

The clause or provision for terminating an employee’s work within an organisation.

Paid time off

The number of days per year that can be used for vacation, sick leave or personal days.

Job Offer Letter Samples

Standard Job Offer Letter Template

This simple, customizable template can be used for any position. Since this is the first official communication your candidate will receive from you, it’s important to add all important details to the offer letter.

standard offer letter template 

Editable Standard Offer Letter Template

Executive Job Offer Letter Template

This is the perfect template for leadership positions. When offering a job to your ideal candidate for an executive position, make sure to use this template and change/add as many details as needed.

executive offer letter

Editable Executive Offer Letter Template

Internship Offer Letter Template

This is the template to customise when offering an internship to the ideal candidate. Interns are enthusiastic and fresh – this template is the perfect communication to get your candidate onboard.

intership offer letter template

Editable Internship Offer Letter Template

Remote Job Offer Letter Template

Work-from-home and remote jobs became popular after the COVID-19 pandemic – remote jobs offer flexibility and allow you to hire top talent from around the world. This is a customizable template for you to send to your candidate.

remote offer letter

Editable Internship Offer Letter Template

Part-time Job Offer Letter Template

Part-time employees offer businesses the flexibility to staff up during busy periods, while also providing workers with the opportunity to balance work with other commitments. When offering a job to a part-timer, you can use this template. Make sure to add any details you feel necessary.

part time job offer template

Editable Part Time Offer Letter Template

Part time to Full Time Job Offer Letter Template

Use this template when converting a part time employee into a full time position.

part time to full time offer letter template

Editable Part Time to Full Time Offer Letter Template

General Job Offer Letter Template

offer letter sample format

offer letter formatYou can download the above offer letter for free in Word (editable) or PDF format from below. Both versions contain the offer letter format with salary structure.

Download Offer Letter in Word for Free

Download Offer Letter in PDF for Free

Tips for Making Job Offer to Candidate

The rate of drop off after receiving an offer letter is reported to be as high as 80% in some industries. High drop off rates result in waste of time, money and resources – this is why it is so important to give your chosen candidate a good overall hiring experience and top it off with the perfect job offer.

Here are some tips to follow while preparing to offer the job to your chosen candidate so you don’t fall victim to high drop off rates.

  • Be Prompt: Move quickly with your offer once you’ve chosen your candidate. Great candidates can get snatched up by other companies if you wait.
  • Express Enthusiasm: Let the candidate know you’re excited about them joining the team.
  • Clearly Communicate the Offer: Provide a written document outlining the position details, salary, benefits, start date, and anything else relevant.
  • Be Competitive: Research fair compensation for the role and location. While salary is important, consider the total benefits package too.
  • Highlight the Opportunity: Go beyond just the job duties. Explain growth potential, company culture, and exciting perks.
  • Be Open to Negotiation: Be prepared to discuss the offer if the candidate has questions or requests.
  • Follow Up: After the initial offer, check in with the candidate to see if they have any questions and reiterate your enthusiasm for their potential hire.

Automated Offer Letters

RazorpayX Payroll’s automatic offer letter generation feature is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. It takes the hassle out of creating offer letters, saving you time and resources.

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1. How long does HR take to issue a job offer letter?

The time taken depends on several factors. Offer letters containing specific and complicated employee benefits may take a little longer to prepare, possibly a few weeks. Overall, the time taken to roll out offer letters post-selection falls in the range of a few days to two weeks.

2. What is the job offer acceptance rate?

It is a metric that depicts how many of the rolled-out offer letters are accepted by the selected candidates. The acceptance rate is computed by dividing the number of accepted offers by the total number of job offers rolled out. The higher the acceptance rate, the better it is for the employer.

3. Is an offer letter legally binding?

Once a job offer is accepted, it becomes a legal contract between the employer and employee. The employee has the right to the job; however, the employer can revoke the offer under certain conditions mentioned in the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The offer letter may or may not have a fine print or clause in which the employer has explicitly mentioned the consequences of not joining the company.

4. How long is an offer letter valid?

It is usually mentioned in the offer letter or the HR/employer will tell the candidate over the phone or email. Usually, a week is given to candidates to think about the offer.

5. What is the difference between an offer letter and a joining letter?

An offer letter is the first formal document sent to the candidate after clearing all selection rounds. However, it can be turned down by a candidate or passed onto a different candidate by the employer. A joining letter or appointment letter is the final confirmation that the candidate has accepted the offer. Also, the latter is more detailed regarding the role and position.

What is a job offer letter template?

A job offer letter template is a pre-written document that outlines the key details of a job offer. It can be customized to include specific information about the position, salary, benefits, and start date. These templates help companies streamline the offer process and ensure all essential terms are clearly communicated to the candidate.

When should an offer letter be sent?

An offer letter should be sent promptly after you've chosen your top candidate. This shows your enthusiasm and minimizes the risk of them losing interest due to waiting or considering other offers.

Can an offer letter be negotiated?

Yes, an offer letter can be negotiated, It's actually quite common for candidates to discuss the terms, especially salary and benefits. Be prepared to have a conversation and be open to finding a mutually agreeable compensation package.


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