Vendor Payment Reports

Generate and view the Vendor Payments Invoice Report, TDS Auto Calculation Report and Vendor Payouts Report on RazorpayX Dashboard. Share them with your CA.

You can generate reports from Vendor Payments to export details of all invoices/vendors/taxes on your account.

To generate a report, you can either navigate to

on the RazorpayX Dashboard or follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your .
  2. Click Vendor Payments in the left navigation menu.
  3. Click View More Filters and apply the required filters.
    Filter Vendor Invoices
  4. Click the download icon.
  5. Select the report you want to generate:
    • Vendor Payments
    • Payouts on Vendor Payments
    • Auto TDS Calculation
    • Vendors
  6. Select the date range/duration for which you want to download data.
  7. Select the Include Invoice Files option, if you want to include the uploaded invoices in the report. This is applicable only for the Vendor Payments report.
  8. Select the format for the report. You can download them either as csv or xlsx files.
  9. Click:
    • DOWNLOAD to download the report and save it on your system. It may take up to 10 minutes.
    • EMAIL to email the report to yourself or your team members.
    Download Vendor Payments Report

The following are the types of reports available for vendor payments on the RazorpayX Dashboard.

Vendor PaymentsConsolidated vendor payments report. If an invoice has got two payments against it, the report will reflect it on the same row. You can also download the attached invoices as a .zip file.
Payouts on Vendor PaymentsProvides information about payouts associated with vendor payments respectively. If an invoice has got two payments against it, the report will reflect it in two rows.
Auto TDS CalculationGives information about additions and deletions to the auto TDS calculations on Vendor Payments, both category-wise and each record wise.
VendorsProvides a list of all the vendors in the system, along with their contact information, tax-related information, fund account details and other relevant data such as vendor portal enabled/disabled status.

You can share the invoice report with your Chartered Accountant or Financial Manager via the

available in RazorpayX.

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