Invoice Report

Generate the Vendor Payments Invoice Report, and view the various fields available in the report.

You can generate a Vendor Payments Invoice Report to export details of all invoices uploaded to your account.

Generate an Invoice Report🔗

To generate an invoice report:

  1. Log into your RazorpayXDashboard.
  2. Navigate to MenuVendor Payments.
  3. Apply the required filters such as from and to date.
  4. Click the download icon.
  5. Select the date range for which you want to download data.
  6. Select the Include Invoice Files option, if you want to include the uploaded invoices in the report.
  7. Select the format for the report. Available options are: CSV and XLS.
  8. Click:
  • DOWNLOAD to download the report and save it on your system.
  • EMAIL to email the report to your team members.

Invoice Report Fields🔗

Listed below are the fields in the invoice report.



Invoice Number

The invoice number your entered while creating the invoice.

Invoice Date

The invoice date you entered while creating the invoice.

Due Date

The invoice due date. This is calculated based on the payment terms for the vendor.

Vendor Name

The name of the vendor. For example, Acme Corp.

Vendor Fund Account Number

The beneficiary bank account number. For example, 55446677443311.

Vendor IFSC

The beneficiary bank IFSC. For example, HDFC0000123.

Vendor Fund Account Name

The bank account beneficiary name. For example, Gaurav Kumar.

Vendor UPI Address

The vendor's UPI ID. For example, gaurav.kumar@exampleupi

Vendor ID

The unique identifier for the vendor. For example, cont_FKzsQacUrPh4yq.

Transfer Mode

The mode used to make the payment. The possible values are: IMPS, NEFT, IFT and UPI.

Debit Account

The account (virtual or current account) from which the amount was debited for the payment.


The description you entered while creating the invoice. For example, Accounting Fees.


The invoice status. The possible values are: Unpaid, Processing, Paid and Cancelled. Know more about invoice life cycle and states.

Sub Total

The invoice amount before GST, Cess and other taxes.

Amount to Vendor

The total amount to be paid to the vendor. This is the total invoice amount minus TDS.

Total Amount

The total invoice amount. This includes GST, TDS, Cess and other taxes.

Internal Notes

The notes your entered while creating the invoice.

Created At

The date when the invoice was created.

Processed At

The date the invoice was processed.

Paid By

The email address of the user who paid the invoice.

Marked as Paid

Indicates if you marked the invoice as paid. The possible values are

  • TRUE - The invoice was paid offline and you marked it paid.
  • FALSE - The invoice was paid using the RazorpayX Vendor Payments.

Manually Paid By

The user ID of the person who has manually paid.

TDS Category

The vendor's TDS Category.

Tax Amount

The TDS amount on the invoice.

TDS Payment ID

The unique reference generated by us when paying the TDS.

TDS Payment Status

The TDS payment status. The possible values are: Unpaid, Processing and Paid.

TDS Payment Date

The date the TDS was paid in DD-MM-YYYY format.

GST Amount

The GST Amount on the invoice.

GST Category

The GST category of the invoice (IGST or CGST+SGST).