Initiate Refunds

Know how to initiate refunds from the Shopify Dashboard.

You can initiate refunds to customers from the Shopify Dashboard. Follow these steps:

Initiate Refunds🔗

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Shopify Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Orders and select the order you want to refund.

  3. Click Refund.

  4. Enter the amount to be refunded. You can initiate:

    • Full Refund: Enter the full order amount.
    • Partial Refund: Enter an amount less than the full amount.
  5. Enter a reason for the refund.

  6. Click Refund.

Refund a Discounted Payment🔗

If the customer has selected an offer during checkout, ensure you refund only the discounted cost (Actual Cost minus Discount Amount) of the product/service.

Watch Out!
Do not refund the actual cost of the product/service received from the customer.


Amount (₹)

Actual Cost


Discount Amount


Discounted Cost (Actual Cost minus Discount Amount)


Amount Refundable to Customer


The Order displays the refund details: