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1. Why do I need to upgrade to Razorpay Secure?

Shopify has launched a new payments platform, which requires existing and new payments apps to meet a new set of secure guidelines. Razorpay has built a new app, Razorpay Secure, that complies with these new rules.

Watch Out!

Your customers' payments will fail if you do not upgrade to the Razorpay Secure app at the earliest. So you must upgrade to Razorpay Secure to provide an uninterrupted payments experience to your customers.

2. My customers get an error when they make payments on my Shopify store. What should I do?

Your customers may get the following error when making payments.

Shopify page payment error

Uninstall and reinstall the Razorpay Secure App from your Shopify store to resolve the error.

To uninstall the app:

  1. Open your Shopify store in incognito mode.
  2. Navigate to SettingsPayments. Click Manage on Razorpay Secure.
  3. Go to Deactivate Razorpay Secure and click Uninstall Razorpay Secure. This uninstalls the Razorpay Secure app.

Follow the

steps to install the plugin again.

Watch Out!

Ensure you uninstall and reinstall the app instead of only deactivating it.

If your plugin still does not accept payments,


3. I tried connecting Razorpay Secure to my Razorpay account but was unsuccessful. When I try to reconnect, the screen appears different. How should I proceed?

Follow the steps given below to connect Razorpay Secure with your Razorpay account:

  1. When you try to reconnect, you will get the following screen. Click Manage.

    reconnect razorpay secure
  2. You will be redirected to a landing page. Click I am an existing user.

    Existing Merchant Shopify
  3. Scroll down and click Login.

    Handy Tips

    Make sure you log in with owner credentials to connect Razorpay with Shopify successfully.

    Shopify login
  1. Click Activate Razorpay Secure on the activation screen on your Shopify Dashboard.
    Shopify Authorize

Razorpay Secure now appears as a Payment Gateway on your Shopify Store checkout.

Shopify Checkout

This completes your integration.

4. How do I upgrade to Razorpay Secure?

You can upgrade to Razorpay Secure by following a simple migration process. Know more about


5. What if I do not deactivate the older Razorpay plugin?

If you do not deactivate the older Razorpay plugin, two Razorpay payment gateways will be visible to your customers on your store checkout, which may lead to confusion.

6. Can I connect two merchant id's (MIDs) to the same Shopify Store?

No, currently you can connect only one MID to your Shopify Store.

Handy Tips

Make sure you log in using the correct Razorpay merchant id (MID) credentials via the Shopify dashboard.

7. What changes for me as a Razorpay merchant after I upgrade to Razorpay Secure?

Nothing will change for you or your customers if you upgrade to the Razorpay Secure app . If you do not migrate, Razorpay will not appear as a payment option for your customers once the old Razorpay app is deprecated.

8. Will I be charged extra for integrating/migrating to Razorpay Secure app?

No, there will be no additional charges. Your pricing plan will remain the same as earlier.

9. When will my funds be settled?

Funds will be settled as per the existing settlement schedule. There will be no change to it.

10. If I regenerate the API keys on the Razorpay Dashboard, will it affect the payment flow on my Shopify store?

No, regenerating the API keys will not affect the payment flow.

11. After migrating to Razorpay Secure, the checkout option for Razorpay Secure appears at the bottom of the list of gateways. Is it possible to move the Razorpay checkout option to the top of the list of gateways?

No. It is not possible to rearrange the order payment options via the store settings of the Shopify dashboard as it is a limitation from Shopify's end.

12. How can I test a payment for Razorpay Secure on the Shopify store?

You can test a payment for Razorpay Secure on the Shopify store by switching to test mode. Know more about

Handy Tips

Once you have successfully made a test transaction, ensure you uncheck the Enable test mode option to accept live payments.

13. I get a blank screen when I try to log in to the Razorpay account while integrating/migrating Razorpay Secure, and I am unable to proceed further. How to proceed further?

A blank screen appears when the email id used to log in to Razorpay doesn't match the email ID registered with owner access on Razorpay. Make sure that you log in using the correct email ID.

14. Who all need to migrate to Razorpay Secure app?

All merchants on Shopify and Shopify Plus will need to migrate to the Razorpay Secure payments app to continue accepting payments without service disruptions.

15. Who can perform the migration process for Razorpay Secure app?

Only a Shopify Store Owner or Administrator can complete the migration for a Shopify account. They will need Razorpay account credentials to connect the two applications.

16. Can I enable Subscriptions on my Shopify store?

No, Shopify does not support Subscriptions. The e-commerce platforms that support Subscriptions are Woocommerce, Magento and Open Cart.

17. I have two e-commerce websites owned by my company. If I connect both websites to my Razorpay account, will the customers be redirected to the correct webpage after payment?

Yes, when customers pay through Razorpay on either of your connected websites, they will be redirected back to the respective website they purchased from.

18. I am getting following error message, while integrating with Shopify Please add the website detail on Razorpay profile first and try again. Why? ?

This error occurs when the website is under review, ensure that you are able to generate API keys before initiating integration with Shopify. Know how to


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