Integrate Razorpay Secure App On Your Shopify Store

Know how to integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with your Shopify store and start accepting payments from your customers.

Integrate your

website with the Razorpay Payment Gateway.

Watch Out!

If you have integrated the Razorpay App with the Shopify store before 28th April 2022, you are requested to upgrade to Razorpay Secure App. Follow the

to activate Razorpay Secure App on your Shopify store. Failing to upgrade will lead to payment failures after 30th June 2022.

Watch this video to know how to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway with your Shopify website using our Razorpay Secure App.

  • To experience the Shopify integration with Razorpay Payment Gateway, you can make a payment on our


  • To test the international currency support on the Razorpay-Shopify integration, you can make test purchases (without paying) on our