Integrate With Android Custom SDK

Customise the default Razorpay Checkout form for your Android apps using the Custom SDK libraries.

With Razorpay Android Custom SDK, you can customise the Razorpay Checkout UI.

  • Customise the look-and-feel such as colors and themes of your app's Checkout form.
  • Validate customer inputs such as card number, expiry date and others using the .
  • Configure and integrate the payment methods on the Checkout form.

Watch Out!

, all developers must declare how they collect and handle user data for the apps they publish on Google Play and provide details about how they protect this data through security practices like encryption. Know more about how to fill the .

Handy Tips

It is recommended to integrate with the

as it supports all payment methods by default. If you integrate with Custom Checkout SDK, you will need to integrate these manually.

Version No.Release DateChanges
3.9.2112 Apr 2024Bug Fix : Application not responding crash fix for UPI Intent payments
3.9.2013 Dec 2023Feature : Added auto-read and auto-submit features for card and native OTP payments in the
3.9.1907 Nov 2023Changed the encryption mode
3.9.1822 Aug 2023Feature : Added a new GPG Key to sign all artifacts, allowing you to verify the downloaded artifacts using the
Bug Fix : NullPointerException fix in isValidVpa function during API timeouts
3.9.1731 July 2023Bug Fix : Canceled UPI Intent payments trigger webhook before timeout for all PSP applications

  • Create a


  • Generate the

    from the . To go live with the integration and start accepting real payments, generate Live Mode API Keys and replace them in the integration.

  • Know about the


  • According to the PCI regulations, payment processing is not allowed on TLS v1. Hence, if the device does not have TLS v1.1 or v1.2, the SDK will throw an error in the onPaymentError method. Check the


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