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The Credits tab includes information on credits that are available to you and can be added to your account for various reasons. Credits are of two types:

You can only be assigned one of the credit types at a time, not both.

Amount Credits🔗

This is the total amount of credits in your account against which you can receive payments without any fee being deducted.

For example, if you have a credit of ₹100, you won't be charged any fees for payments totaling to ₹100.

Fee Credits🔗

There are some business verticals where the money needs to be settled in full, that is without any deduction of fees due to regulatory requirements. For such cases, we have Fee Credits.

For example, if you have a fee credit of ₹100, all the transactions will be settled in full and the fees for these payments will be deducted from the ₹100 fee credit.