Payment Methods

Enable and disable different Payment Methods from the Razorpay Dashboard. Learn about Coverage, Pricing, and Responding to Action Required status.

You can view the payment methods enabled for your Razorpay account from the Account & Settings → Payment Methods tab. You can raise requests for additional payment methods. The requests initiated from this panel are raised with our partner banks and the onboarding process for the payment method is started.

Handy Tips

  • This feature is available only on the Live mode of the Razorpay Dashboard.
  • Users with the following User Roles can configure the payment methods: Owner, Admin, Manager.

Activation of each of the payment methods involves onboarding with our partner banks. The average activation time is 10 working days, which can vary based on the payment method and banks.

Watch this video to see how to raise a request for a payment method.

To raise a request for a payment method:

  1. On the Razorpay Dashboard, select Accounts & Settings on the left navigation.

  2. Click on the payment method you want to request under Payment Methods tab, for example, Cards.

    Select payment methods cards on the Razorpay Dashboard
  3. Click the drop-down on the Additional details required tab and click Add now to update the business website or GSTIN details.

    Payment methods - cards - add additional details

    Watch Out!

    The Additional details required tab must be updated to request any payment method.

  4. Fill in the business website/app details and click Proceed to update website/app. Know more about


    Payment methods add website info
  5. Fill in the GSTIN details and click Submit. Know more about


    Payment methods add gstin info

    Handy Tips

    The Additional details are requested by our banking partners and are specific to a specific payment method.

  6. Once you submit all the required information, the status of the information provided changes to Under Review.

    Payment methods under review
  7. Once the required information is reviewed and updated, click Request.

  8. Fill in the required details and click Next.

  9. Click Submit Request.

  10. The status of the payment method changes to Requested.

    Payment methods status requested

Under the Payment Methods tab, you can view the list of payment methods and their status.

Payment methods tab on the Razorpay Dashboard

Some of the payment methods are enabled by default, while you need to raise a request for others. Mentioned below are the various statuses your request can go through.

Under ReviewOur team is validating the information provided.
UpdatedThe provided information is verified successfully.
RequestedA request has been raised, but no action has been taken yet.
CancelledA request was initially raised but was later cancelled by you or your team member.
PendingThe request has been taken up for onboarding by our partner banks.
Action RequiredIn some cases, we may not be able to fulfill a request as our banking partners seek certain clarifications. For example, there may be some missing information in the activation form. In such cases, the request is placed in the Action Required state, along with a comment indicating the actions required from your end. You can status.
RejectedThe request is rejected for your account. This generally happens due to category restrictions. See the Comments for more information.
Re-initiatedThe previous request in the Action Required state has now been re-initiated after the action is complete.
ActivatedThis indicates that the method is now live and available on standard checkout.

You can respond to any discrepancies or clarifications raised for payment method requests with comments, attachments or both.
Our Banking Ops team validates your payment method request. If they find any discrepancies or need further clarification regarding the website or documents, we change the request status from Pending to Action Required. You can provide these details from the Dashboard.

To respond to the discrepancies or clarifications requested:

  1. On the , select the Account & Settings → Payment Methods tab. Click Payment Methods.
  2. Look for the Payment Method you asked for and click on Update Request Form.
    Payment methods update request form
  3. Fill in the clarifications asked.
  4. Fill in the required details or add attachments if requested and click Submit Form.
  5. The status of your request changes from Action Required to Reinitiated.
    Payment methods request status reinitiated

Razorpay re-reviews requests and responds within 7 days.

Raise a request with our

to disable any Payment Method.

The Payment Methods tab shows most payment instruments that can be enabled for your account. Keep an eye on this page as we continue to add more payment methods. If you have questions about specific payment methods, please reach out to our


All methods requested via the Payment Methods tab will be enabled for your account using

, or the default pricing configured for the payment method for your Razorpay account.

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