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Razorpay Dashboard

With the Razorpay Dashboard you can configure, operate and manage your PG account. The Dashboard comes equipped with a wide range of features such as analytics and real-time charts that help you to gain valuable insight into your business performance and recent activity that may require you to take action. It also provides an overview of recent payments, settlements and refund related activity.

To access the Dashboard, first you have to sign up with Razorpay. After you complete the sign up process, you can:


The Transactions option allows you to view and action all transactions related activity such as payments and refunds. These could be credit or debit transactions. Payments that are created and authorized, need to be captured by the you.

Click here for more details about transactions in Razorpay.


The Settlements option allows you to view all settlements received. Funds are settled to your settlement account. By default this is the account linked to your account during step 4 of the KYC verification.

Click here for more details about Settlements in Razorpay.


A dispute is a situation that arises when your customer or the issuing bank questions the validity of a payment. It could arise due to reasons such as unauthorized charges, failure to deliver the promised merchandise, excessive charges and so on.


The Reports option allows you to download and email reports about transactions, payments, settlements, orders, refunds and invoices.

Click here for more details about Reports in Razorpay.

My Account#

The My Account option allow you to:

  • View details and manage details about your profile.
  • Change details of your settlement account.
  • View details about available credits.
  • Add Funds to your Razorpay Razorpay account.
  • Manage your Razorpay Team.

Click here for more details about the My Account option in Razorpay.


From Settings you can:

  • Configure your Checkout page.
  • Enable or disable Flash Checkout.
  • Configure email addresses that receive email notifications about updates such as: payments, settlements, daily payment reports and webhooks.
  • Configure and manage Webhooks.
  • Generate and manage API Keys (<Key_ID> and <Key_Secret>).

Click here for more details about the settings available in Razorpay.

Current Balance#

Your current Razorpay account balance is shown on the Dashboard. You can Add Funds to increase your balance, if required.

Test and Live Modes#

You can operate the Razorpay Dashboard in either the Test or Live modes. You can switch between the two modes using the toggle option at the top of the Dashboard.

You have to generate separate API keys for live and test modes. Refer to the API Keys section for more details about API keys.

Test Mode#

Test mode is used for testing purposes and does not involves actual money transactions. Test mode is available for use once your email address has been verified when creating your Razorpay account.

You can use Test mode as long as you want.

Live Mode#

Live mode is to be used in production once testing is complete and all required setup is in place on your platform. Live mode is available for use once you have activated your account.


You receive announcements from Razorpay on your Dashboard.