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Cordova Standard SDK Integration - Checkout Form Fields

List of checkout parameters you can use to initiate a payment.

key mandatory

string API Key ID that must generated from the Razorpay Dashboard.

amount mandatory

integer The amount to be paid by the customer in currency subunits. For example, if the amount is ₹100, enter 10000.

currency mandatory

string The currency in which the payment should be made by the customer. See the list of supported currencies.

name mandatory

string The merchant/company name shown in the Checkout form.

description optional

string Description of the purchase item shown in the Checkout form. Must start with an alphanumeric character.

image optional

string Link to an image (usually your business logo) shown in the Checkout form. Can also be a base64 string, if loading the image from a network is not desirable.

order_id mandatory

string Order ID generated via Razorpay Orders API.


object You can prefill the following details on Checkout.

name optional
string Cardholder's name to be pre-filled if customer is to make card payments on Checkout.
email optional
string Email address of the customer.
contact optional
string Phone number of the customer. The expected format of the phone number is + {country code}{phone number}. If the country code is not specified, 91 will be used as the default value. This is particularly important while prefilling contact of customers with phone numbers issued outside India. Examples:
  • +14155552671 (a valid non-Indian number)
  • +919977665544 (a valid Indian number).
    If 9977665544 is entered, +91 is added to it as +919977665544.
method optional
string Pre-selection of the payment method for the customer. Will only work if contact and email are also pre-filled. Possible values
  • card
  • netbanking
  • wallet
  • emi
  • upi
notes optional

object Set of key-value pairs that can be used to store additional information about the payment. It can hold a maximum of 15 key-value pairs, each 256 characters long (maximum).


object Thematic options to modify the appearance of Checkout.

hide_topbar optional
boolean Used to display or hide the top bar on the Checkout form. This bar shows the selected payment method, phone number and gives the customer the option to navigate back to the start of the Checkout form. Possible values are:
  • true - Hides the top bar
  • false - Displays the top bar.
color optional
string Enter your brand color's HEX code to alter the appearance of Checkout form.

object Options to handle the Checkout modal.

backdropclose optional
boolean Indicates whether clicking the translucent blank space outside the Checkout form should close the form. Possible values are:
  • true - Closes the form when your customer clicks outside the checkout form.
  • false (default) - Does not close the form when customer clicks outside the checkout form.
escape optional
boolean Indicates whether pressing the escape key should close the Checkout form. Possible values are:
  • true (default) - Closes the form when the customer presses the escape key.
  • false - Does not close the form when the customer presses the escape key.
handleback optional
boolean Determines whether Checkout must behave similar to the browser when back button is pressed. Possible values:
  • true (default) - Checkout behaves similarly to the browser. That is, when the browser's back button is pressed, the Checkout also simulates a back press. This happens as long as the Checkout modal is open.
  • false - Checkout does not simulate a back press when browser's back button is pressed.